So it begins!

1975 Chevy Caprice build featuring Ground Zero speakers, Helix Amps and More!

First Phase 4/20/2022

A big blank canvas for Miguel Vega to flex his creativity. The plan calls for a custom console with a 7″ Kenwood Carplay Radio, Stage 4 Rear Fab with 6.5″ Ground Zero CoAxial speakers, Stage 4 Trunk with RGB lighting, battery box, speakers and more. There will be a combination of new 6 Channel Helix Amp and 2 customer supplied AMPs.

Kick Panel Speakers

Ground Zero 6.5″ Mids installed with a little bit of metal cut out to provide more airspace.

Quarters and Kicks

Miguel is finishing up the layered custom speaker surrounds and preparing them for installation. These feature ustom designed lasered acrylic , pressed mesh grills and wood accents finished with Stainless Steel molded into the panel. Utilizing Ground Zero Red Baskets allow us to give the customer maximum volume while respecting the quality of the music. In most donk builds you will see vehicles with large fiberglass pods that are stuffed with speakers. More is not better, better is better.

Custom Fitting the Quarters

The width of this Land Yacht provides plenty of room for armrests, which also happens to make a great place to build out fiberglass speaker enclosures. He starts with the door panels detached to test fit and mount the surround he designed. Next, Miguel
re-installs everything back into the car and applies aluminum strips as a barrier to protect the surface from the fiberglass compound. Once everything looks good he scoops out the workable fiberglass paste spreading it evenly around the box to create what will eventually look like a seamless part of the interior.

Miguel literally “wraps up” the speaker quarter and kick panel speaker enclosures.

Center Console

Miguel made quick work of this custom Stage 4 console wrapped to match the existing interior with a touch of laser engraved wood that compliments the wood trim.

7″ Kenwood Carplay Excelon DMX-706
USB charging
RGB LED Lighting

Final Touches on the Quarters and Kicks

From a sketch to reality, Miguel finishes up these custom panels with LED Lights and aluminum trim before installing the Ground Zero Speakers. Check out the jig that he made so that he can bend the polished aluminum perfectly each time.

Here comes the BOOM!

Now its time to add the sub and all the power to fuel the Ground Zero Speakers. By fuel I mean these powerful AMPs by Helix and Memphis Audio


Getting the sub built and ready to install into the trunk.

bottom-top-cargo top